Blooming Buds

Faaiza Peer is one of the youngest successful business owner I personally know and that’s probably because her business involves going to work (in her backyard) and doing what she thoroughly enjoys!

Faaiza (or, Apa Faaiza as she’s fondly known by her ‘children’) has loved looking after babies from the time she was just older than one herself – the inspiration behind her choice of career. I can personally vouch for the fact that she’s really very good at what she does!

Faaiza is a play-school teacher and a while ago I spent a day at her school with her. I was able to witness just how much of patience she has for the tiny tots in her care! All of the children were vying for her attention at once (and throughout the entire morning!) and she never once lost her cool. She has through her very nature created quite a fan club for herself amongst toddlers in King William’s Town.

I asked Faaiza a few questions about Azhar-Uz-Zahraa Blooming Buds Montessori, her own baby, and this is what she had to say:

How long have you had your school?

Alhamdolillah, since February 2008.

What do you enjoy most about being a playschool teacher?

Making a difference in the lives of these little children, they are our future. Whenever I meet my little ones that are now in primary school they are so happy and excited to share their stories with me. Watching them grow into fine young beings is so amazing and makes me feel so good that I had the opportunity to be part of that growth. Alhamdolillah.

How many children do you have presently?

I keep my numbers to 10 every year so that I can give individual attention and have a chance to observe them well.

What is the age group of the children you teach?

Between 2 years and 4 years at present. I prepare them for grade R as their parents opt to send them to the local primary schools.

What is Montessori?

Montessori Method of teaching was introduced by Dr Maria Montessori. She designed learning apparatus and developed lesson plans etc to assist in the growth and development of children especially paying close attention to skills development that will better equip children for life. The equipment is designed with a special sequence thus giving children a sense of order and structure while having the freedom to explore at their own pace. Respect of everything around them helps students develop concentration with a purpose.

What makes it different compared to normal playschool? Why would you recommend it?

Montessori school has a structure that develops the child holistically while instilling values of love and respect for all in the environment.The child is allowed to explore different apparatus freely. They are observed and introduced to new work gradually according to their capability. Children set their own milestones. All children develop differently, some physically faster while others mentally faster.Montessori schools cater for children with all kinds of challenges without making it a stigma.

Normal schools run according to a specific plan, with specific assessments planned in advance, a “one size fits all plan” whereas Montessori schools accommodates the need of learners by meeting the curiosity of learners.

What type of activities do you do with the kids? Describe one in detail (if you like).

Our day starts with Zikr – Tasbeehi Fatimi and then we have a discussion, we talk about the date, Weather etc this is when the children fill me in on their stories. They love stories.

I also take them individually for sabaq daily, while others are busy with their activities. Children are allowed to choose the activities set out on the shelf. The spooning activity is a firm favorite with the 2-3 years old. This activity is set out on a tray, with 2 bowls, one contains bean and the other empty. A spoon is also on the tray.

Children are shown how to use this tray as they spoon the beans from one bowl into the other, spooning from left to right. This activity equips the child with good motor skills and co ordination and prepares the child for writing skills later on.

Later on when the child is ready they can go on to finer grains and soon to pouring skills which may follow onto wet pouring as the child grows in confidence.

You’re an Aalima, and you enjoy looking after children; other than teaching playschool, what other services do you offer? (e.g., Madressa, babysitting…)

Yes, I have taught pre schoolers up to grade 3’s for a period of 3years at our local Madressa. This is what spurred me on to study the Montessori Early Child Development Course.

Due to the request of parents I have extra Madressa classes after school for a few young children .This Madressa solely for Allah’s pleasure and to serve the needs of these children. Again upon the request of parents I have also accepted 2 children for babysitting.

If you’re living in the King William’s Town area and have children between the ages of 2 and 4, you should definitely take advantage of the services offered by Faaiza. They can only be of benefit to you and your child! You can contact her on 043-6424086, 0727655925 or via email at for more information.

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