Careers and Babies

You gotta love babies! There isn’t anyone in the world that doesn’t. Even the big, mean, head of a gang’s heartstrings pull at the sight of one. I guess its nature’s way of preserving babies – because every mother knows the frustrations that come along with that cute button nose, and those big, adorable eyes! It’s clear they come with their own survival mechanism that shifts into gear exactly at the moments when you’ve completely had enough! Right then, and the time is miraculously precise, they learn something new (and your chests begins to swell with undying love and pride) or they fall asleep (and you see the angelic face you love so dearly, and you begin to stare at the beautiful being that is yours, and you savour the moment… and time goes by…). And while you’re in that moment of awe, they wake up (screaming their lungs off) and you’re okay with it. You soothe them, and become all mothering again. You’ve re-evaluated your love and established that it’s not going anywhere. That one moment has given you the strength to get through the rest of the day’s upheaval. There is truly no other relationship like that of a mother and her baby.


So when I decided to start my career again I had no idea what I was in for. I reached the very blunt conclusion that trying to write with a 3 month old baby is like having a runny tummy- you’re always anticipating that moment when you’re going to have to get up and run! And the irony of it is that all the anxiety that comes with motherhood will probably, undoubtedly give you the runs. I’m here to let you know that it’s okay to have a career and a baby. You have to make it work without frustrating yourself and your baby – which is why I’ve taken to writing in the middle of the night when I know that he’s fast asleep and isn’t going to have a crying fit – at least not for the next two hours. It’s quite hilarious how you think he’ll be fine now – you’ve fed him, checked his diaper, and put him off to sleep, gone through the entire ‘how-to-make-sure-you-get-a-good-night’s-sleep’ checklist, and you can finally get started on your work. You lay him down gently, pull the room door shut, grab your writing paper and pen, or sit down in the computer desk chair, just get comfy and start to get your mind off him… when you hear a small drone from behind the bedroom door. Yes, my son is awake. AGAIN. And all thoughts of starting my work are just that – thoughts. Fourteen months down the line though, I believe I’ve gotten the hang of it.


I’ve learnt the hard way that parenting takes meticulous planning. I was, and I probably still am (if you ask my husband) a very disorganised individual. I believe I’ve gotten much better at this since organisation is one of the demands of my new roles – which I love! I love being a mum, I love writing about our family escapades, I love having a career and a baby, and I love my little bundle to bits. I can speak about him all day to people who aren’t really interested – which can be quite an awkward conversation ender. So I write instead. That way people who actually want to hear my stories are able to read them and those that don’t, well, that’s their loss.

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