Maseeha, On A Mission

Blogging is the new pass time of many-a-housewife. From mummy blogs that are records of motherhood and milestones to specialised niche blogs of professionals gone maternal that allow you to share your knowledge with the world. If it’s crossed your mind to start one more than once then you should definitely get yourself a blog!

While I’ll agree with you that starting a blog can be extremely daunting, it’s really not that bad once you get into it. Don’t try to be perfect in the beginning. Just start – anywhere and anyhow… And you’ll have the opportunity to watch yourself grow. A rewarding task, I assure you! If you’re like I was at first – too afraid to share your heart out on the Internet yet deep inside you wish you had the guts!) you have to meet Maseeha!

Khair spoke to blogger, Maseeha and asked her a few questions to aid you in your quest for fame and admiration (or not)… Here’s what she had to say:

What does blogging mean to you, and what are the pros and cons of having a blog? Would you recommend blogging to the readers?
Blogging has been on my mind for a fairly long time, I absolutely love what people do on their blogs, be it recipes, fashion or something related to their careers. I’ve always wanted to start one but naturally I was unsure where to start from, what blogging platform to signup on etc. Oh and the biggest of bloopers “what to blog about?” I’m interested in so much! To combine everything I wanted to blog about, I settled for the “online diary theme”. I wanted the blog to reflect my thoughts, my personality, my initiatives, at the same time it had to be funny & inspiring to my readers. In the beginning the blog was subjected to my close friends only (I’ve had them request recipes, tutorials) but then I became more comfortable with the idea & uplifted the privacy settings & now I keep gasping at the amount of views the blog receives from people all over the world! For me, this blog is about me & everything that surrounds me, family, friends, being a niqabi, being someone who loves fashion & most of all being a muslim woman. This brings me straight to the “cons” of blogging, well according to my experience people tend to forget apart from you being a muslim, you’re also just a girl, many feel that you are expected to be perfect, I feel this is unfair because no one is perfect, we’re all human beings. The “pros” are it’s truly exciting, you get to share everything with friends & family, having a blog means less energy spent on sharing info individually & in the process you make new friends. Yes I would recommend it to everyone, it’s very liberating & powerful when you absorb the fact that you have the ability to reach people around the world just from your little den. If you are a blogger you have to have self-control with regards to criticism & comments voiced against you/your blog. You need to respect people, their views & be very clear on your purpose for blogging. This helps you stay focused & calm.

Do you think it’s possible to be a mother and to be a fashionista (or fashion conscious, at least)?

Oh yes! I mean why not?! Alhamdhulillah I have emerged from 2 generations of truly fashionable ladies, who’ve been through motherhood, has had grandkids (my mom) & great grandkids (my grandmom) but has managed to stay as fashionable as ever. So yes I truly think it is possible, because I have living examples.

Niqab hasn’t stopped you from shining, or from sharing your bubbly personality to the world! Why do you wear niqab/hijab? (For the sisters who don’t)

I started off wearing the abaya & scarf from a very young age, I’ve practically spent most of my life adorning it. Towards the end of my schooling, I was asked to write an essay concerning the fact that we do things for religion & culture but we barely question them. My tutor at that time commented on my attire, that’s when it hit me. Why do I cover myself? I decided to go beyond the usual explanation of wearing the hijab & abaya for the pleasure of Allah SWT & it being an Islamic law/dress code. I needed to go beyond the fact that it reflected modesty & protected the honour of women. Many non believers feel muslim women are crippled because Allah SWT & Islam makes women feel they NEED to be protected- naoothubillah. I felt challenged by this rather than steered into the usual direction of swearing & bad-mouthing these people. I believe in fighting mentality with mentality. So I begin on my essay, I spoke about how on a certain occasion I felt naked because I was without my hijab & abaya-this made me realize how it had become part of my personality without me being aware of how it has grown to own me. I spoke about how liberated & confident it made me feel when I came into contact with male folk & also I failed not to miss how much respect they looked at me with in comparison to how they literally gawk lustfully at young women. Yes they do gawk at me, but the difference is they are now forced to feel nothing but respect. I felt there is nothing more powerful than such views from someone who has adorn the attire for such a long period of time in comparison to the many who have no idea what it feels like but are daring enough to comment & attack the dress code. In the recent years I felt the urge to wear niqab, everyone’s advice was not to rush but I knew it was something I was definitely going to end up wearing because I felt so passionately about our attire & how it represented us as muslims. Finally before I set off to makkah & medina, I decided to begin wearing the niqab, at that time I had no idea where this was heading but Alhamdhulillah it has been 10months! I in no way look down upon anyone who does not wear, hijab, abaya or niqab & I feel that in equality to that one should not look down upon a sister wearing hijab, niqab or abaya nor should they feel the right to attack their character/personality incoherent to the fact whether they are truly pious or not, it really isn’t anyone’s problem.

It seems that you love food from your blog. What’s the most difficult dish you had to learn how to make, or what’s your most memorable moment in the kitchen?

Ooooh yess! I lurrrrv food, absolutely, I mean who doesn’t :D. I find it particularly amusing that last year around this time, I couldn’t cook at all. I was always hesitant & kept postponing my time to begin learning. But when I started, I seemed to have taken to it fine. I’m relieved for that part, I always had this fear that I was never going to ever learn how to cook. To begin with “The most difficult dish”, I begun cooking the most difficult dishes strangely so I haven’t yet come across something that I’ve struggle with besides a very simple teabone steak. I remember around last year September, my mom was away & I decided to try & make some teabone steak, a favourite of my dad’s. Somehow I managed to ruin something so easy & dear lord it was hard as rock & black as night- my poor dad. This made me more determine to master it, so the second time around I let it cook for hours on low heat in shallow oil, with tons of onions & generous scoops of butter. The steak was literally melting in our mouths! This is when my inner goddess screams out REVOLUTION! And then does the happy dance *jig jig*

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