As parents we worry about our kids getting hurt. One little scratch and we’re ready
to keep them locked up. What we dont realise is that there is something far more detrimental
than physical harm that is plaguing our youth: bullying.

An issue that was once swept under the rug because our teachers and even parents claimed that
it was all part of “growing up.” This is no longer the case, now even celebrities are speaking out against it, telling
the world and more importantly the youth how harmful its effects can be.

We as parents should be saying that yes, it is indeed part of growing up, because this form of emotional
abuse can and will affect who our children grow up to be. Taunting can lead to our children having little
to no self esteem as adults.

In more serious cases, children that seek retribution often take matters into their own hands, leading to them
physically harming the bully, or committing suicide.

Signs that your child is being bullied include: loss of appetite, nightmares, depression when returrning
from school, little or no friends and torn clothes, cuts and bruises.

As parents our job is to keep the lines of communication open with our children, so that they feel free to come to
us and not suffer in silence.

Some subtle questions to ask your child if you suspect bullying include:

* “Who do you sit with at lunch?”
* “Are there any kids who leave you out or exclude you on purpose?”
* “Are there any kids who tease you in a mean way?”

As a parent always follow your gut instinct. If you suspect your child is being bullied, you most probably
are right.

May ALLAH SWT protect our children.

Written by Haleemah Hanware

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