Diaper Cake Tutorial

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For a 3 tier diaper cake you will need:

69-70 diapers (note: this is my usage, but may vary according to the radius you prefer to work around, please remember you will use more if you choose a square shape)

Variation: I played around with sizes, you can too, the choice is yours/ follow the above estimates in one size

1st tier size 1 (newborn) 11diapers & 6 face cloths

2nd tier size 2 – 23 diapers

3rd ier size 3 – 35 diapers

A pack of rubber bands preferably small to large A cake board/tray/polystyrene (this serves as a base for the cake)

Your choice of ribbon/bows/decorations Visit a store that stocks baby shower souvenirs & pick up little souvenirs to add to your cake

A wheel of straight pins comes in handy here (when using material ribbon, attaching baby souvenirs ect.)

Visit your nearest hardware store & get yourself a dowel.It’s a thin rod which is available in plastic & wood. This is placed in the centre of the cake, to keep the tiers together. The dowels are sold in different sizes, if you not sure how tall your cake will be, get one that’s about a metre or 2m, you can cut it accordingly. I usually finish the cake and then measure how much I need, it is a bit tricky to wiggle it in after you complete the cake, but you will get it in.

Some things you need to remember, if you’d like to add additional gifts like clothing/toys/baby toiletries & accessories, you may. You have an option to either hide it in the cake or attach it on the outside, I haven’t covered it in this post but I will later on. Also do remember you will use less diapers if you choose to fill the inside with clothing/blankets etc. You may even use, bubble wrap, polystyrene or tissue paper to fill the core of the tiers if you would choose to purchase less diapers. In this case I didn’t because I was making smaller cakes. I had to do this over 3days BUT I did manage to photograph the initial steps!

I used a big packet because I had more than one to make, you can use any other brand, which ever suites you best

Roll the diapers inwards, the back of the diaper must be on the outside, this helps achieve a much neater result, remember to place them with the neat side up like below

use the tiny rubber bands to secure the diapers in the centre, be sure to keep the bands to the centre, when you decorating you don’t want the bands peeping out and looking untidy.

with estimates I’ve given you, you can have them rolled and kept aside

I got these from shoprite, you get them in pink and blue, typically.

The first tier should look like this

this side of the diaper should be facing down, yes there is a difference! This affects the end result more than you can imagine

2 tiers!

All 3! I know you cannot believe it’s the same thing you saw in the pictures, well it is!

After this step, it’s pretty much choosing the ribbons/theme if you have one in mind. This is a very basic diaper cake & I think the easiest to make.

Happy Diaper Cake making! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Adapted from Maseehahassan.wordpress.com

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