GAZA is in need of your help!

Muslimah’s For Gaza

in conjunction with

Africa Aid Convoy

A newly established organisation calling themselves the “Muslimah’s For Gaza” has arisen and are making it their duty to turn heartache over the Gaza attacks into action!

Muslimah’s For Gaza was founded (Just last week) by a group of young, professional Muslim women. The group have come up with the striking idea of making things to sell and forwarding all contributions to Gaza. Below is a picture of the t-shirts they are selling:

R110 for adult T-shirts
Kiddies T-shirts also available

They come in all adult sizes, and kiddies from 2-3.

M4G has sold approximately 60 t-shirts already in the Port Elizabeth area with growing orders all over South Africa! They are marketing the t-shirts to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike stating that the Palestinian cause goes way beyond any religious boundary.

Why a t-shirt, though? T-shirts are easy to wear, and everyone looks at a t-shirt! It could well be the start of a conversation that leads to one more supporter for Palestine.

M4G is also looking for sponsors to fit the bill for the cost of printing the t-shirts, as well as advertising costs. InshaaAllah, your contributions will be rewarded since such a contribution is likened to spreading the word about the plight of our fellow brothers and sisters in the holy lands.

What are you waiting for! Get your t-shirt today!!

contact with orders, sponsors, or for more info.

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