Arctic Amanzi

A young man by the name of Arshad is the founder of a company called Arctic Amanzi. I asked Arshad a few questions about his business and more importantly, the work he’s doing in palestine and this is what he had to say…
Tell us about Arctic Amanzi and how it started and where you are based?
Arctic Amanzi is based in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.The company started two years ago supplying a handful of shops in Pietermaritzburg. Through the grace and mercy of the Almighty, we now supply about 100 shops in and around Pietermaritzburg. Arctic Amanzi has also formed a division called “Branded Water Solutions”. This division offers branded bottled water to big and small corporates across South Africa as well as personalized labels for weddings and functions made according to the colour,decor and theme of the day.
Some of the corporates that brand with us include Mercedes Benz, Bmw Supertech, Itv, Willowton Oil, Timefreight, Meadow Feeds, Contours and many others


You mentioned that you have done a previous water drive for Somalia. Was this a success? And how were you able to transport the water to Somalia?

Yes, All praise to the Almighty, this was a huge success. We managed to send 5564 bottles in 5 litres and collected just over R14,000 in cash. We partnered with Gift of the Givers who handled the transport of this water via ship.


Explain the purification process and the purification tablets you use.
The water obtained from a private distribution system initially goes through an ozonation process, thereafter flowing into a KDF filtered system and lastly going through a UV sterilisation tunnel. Hence our water is purified thrice. We have Lab certificates to verify the quality of our water as well as a 6 month shelf life.
Do you personally go to the impoverished countries to deliver the water yourself?

Unfortunately no, however I make sure that whoever Arctic Amanzi partners with, are hands on on these projects and are reputable,transparent and trustworthy as we are handling money that belongs to the public which is entrusted to us. It is a great responsibility.


Do you see this as a lasting initiative? Do you plan to put into place measures to make sure it is ongoing?
God willing yes. I always pray that Arctic Amanzi should always help to quench the thirst of all those suffering, religion and race aside. There is great reward in giving water to the less fortunate. I firmly believe this is the reason that the Almighty is sustaining Arctic Amanzi.


You are doing such noble work by giving water to those who are desperately in need of it! May Almighty reward you greatly for your efforts. How can we contact you to make a contribution or to offer you our help?
Ameen to your Duaa.
All my contact details is on my website:

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