Interview with Khair writer, Haleemah



Meet Haleemah Hanware: this gorgeous lady not only writes for Khair, she also has a few other great things to her name. Hally (as she’s fondly called) is a professional beauty therapist as well as a journalist. She;s also from the Mother City (round of applause!!!), and is in the process of attempting to write her first novel.

I asked Hally if I could ask her some questions with regard to professional writing and she agreed to spill. Straight from the horses mouth, here’s what she had to say:


Your passion for writing can be seen in your work. When did you realize you enjoyed writing and how has this played a part in your life until now?
I knew from a young age that I had a passion for both reading and writing. It all started when my mum handed me a copy of an Enid Blyton book and instructed me to read. I wasn’t thrilled, but that is when my love story with books began. Writing has played a huge part in the way I express myself, and I feel developing a good vocabulary allows you to be more self assertive when dealing with day to day situations.
What do you love and hate about writing?
What I love about writing is being able to put my most intimate thoughts and feelings on paper and knowing that no one will have access to it unless I want them to. I feel Facebook and social netwroks has made life so impersonal. What I hate about writing? Writers block!
What advice can you give to people who’d like to start writing (and hopefully like to start writing for Khair!)?
To people who would like to start writing, I would suggest that they start by reading first, build a good vocabulary and then write what you know! Start by keeping a journal, let writing become a part of who you are.
Do you have a certain niche/certain topics that you prefer writing on?
 I am extremely passionate about books and movies, so I tend to enjoy writing book and movie reviews. The process of movie making is so much more complex than they’re given credit for. I’m also a beauty therapist so I love writing about looking good inside and out!
What made you start writing for Khair, and has it helped your writing career in any way?
I feel Khair is such a wonderful platform for Muslim women to express themselves, and also to hone their skills as entrepreneurs, I love being able to promote such platforms. Khair has really allowed me to bring awareness to issues that I am passionate about, and I urge other women to do the same.
You mentioned you’ve suffered from writer’s block? How did you get over it?
My close friend and fellow writer once told me that if I suffer from writers block, I should just keep on writing, even if it’s just my name, over and over, and the thoughts will start flowing. This really works for me. If however I still can’t put pen to paper, I focus on something else and eventually the words come to me. Surround yourself by literature, write in an environment such as Exclusive Books, this always cures me of writers


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