Straight Out Of The Pond

Assalaamu Alaikum Ladies

Shahnaaz can run but can't hide from Maseeha

Shahnaaz can run but can’t hide from Maseeha

Here’s how my week went

1.)    Looking like a piggy, ate way too much chocolate
2.)    All I can think is thank goodness for Ramadhan!
3.)    Couldn’t fit into my jeans this morning, I swear
there’s an evil force in my closet, that’s sewing
my clothing smaller!

who am i!?Who Am I?!

what do i want?!What do I want?!

when do i want it?!When do I want it!?

My super organized Virgo personality does not appeal to everyone so I decided without consulting Shahnaaz to do a multi combination for this week. Since Winter is creeping in, in about 2 weeks, I thought we’d have a little fun in the Autumn Sun!
If you reading this then that means Shahnaaz likes it..hehe

I stumbled across some interesting Pantones, it caught my eye so I hope it would do something for you too :)
It falls into the same Autumn 2013 colour combos we were working through this month but with a twist. What I noticed immediately is just how toned down the looks are, especially for us muslim ladies who mostly dress up at home, we prefer less fancy clothing and accessories so that we can be comfortable too.

I knew I had to change the beat of these posts before my Mom begins to follow my articles, she IS my biggest critic!
She’s the type of person that could walk up to a stranger & tell them they need to lose some weight. #CRINGE# that’s when i pray “oh God help me!”


I don’t know what you guys think, but really this is so pretty. I truly believe bright colours/pastels can be carried off really well if paired together correctly. I know of people who stay clear & safe of these colours due to fear of looking ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong if you don’t know what to do with your clothes you can always get help from someone you trust.

Tips to Hijabify this pantone
I would pair these up with white skinny jeans or a straight cut white pants if you want to skip the “showing the shape of your leg” part.

Pair these up with your Koi cocktail dress

Pair these up with your Koi cocktail dress

Niqaabis, Abayabis…. If you can get these colours in full length dresses, it would be amazing under a semi open abaya. If you playful, pair up your abaya with a formal jacket in one of these shades, make sure it contradicts the other colours you wear. Eg. Koi skinny jeans, Linden green formal suite jacket, black/ Linden green shoes



when i saw these my heart skipped a beat

when i saw this my heart skipped a beat


3 beats for this one


2 beats


4 beats


out of breath

Understand how to keep it real with the military selection of handbags. There’s a fine line between ladylike & Macho, remember focus on the lady like but keep the khaki, linden green shades, buckles & the military chain details.


I completely dig the military look this season!  It’s dominating the fashion world currently….



military inspired hand gloves & clutch purses

military inspired hand gloves & clutch purses

Remember to mix your clothing to avoid looking like you walked into a single colour paint. If you wear a Koi dress, pair it up with a linden green shoe & vice versa. You can match your bags accordingly if you follow the usual combination -bag/shoes/scareves- all matchy matchy. You will be saved from looking a bit too desperate to make a statement. Under no circumstances will you ever step out in these shades, having your pants/dress match your shoes- yes it’s an order.

Spacing out the colour makes a world of a difference!

Some combinations that caught my eye..

Turquoise is always a winner

Turquoise is always a winner

I had to feature Acai this week, it's an extremely popular favourite!

I had to feature Acai this week, it’s an extremely popular favourite!


These dresses are really handy, they add a touch of class to your semi open abayas, they also are truly elegant at home, usually when we get home, the abaya flies off, it’s always handy to have something as adorable as this underneath. All you need is a little bolero if you not fond of wearing anything sleeveless. But if circumstances allow you to show a little skin then why not?


Add this to your hijab

If you spontaneous why not experiment with some military fashion badges on your hijab?

Ladies remember the golden rule of fashion….. Less is more


Maseeha hopes to impress Shahnaaz with her credentials

Leather SambaIMG_0537 IMG_0545 IMG_0557 IMG_0543

If you got yourself one of these, hang on to them, it’s definitely an all rounder this year

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