Someone Sold Us A Dumb Calendar

or is winter just hiding?

I know you guys probably wondering where on earth have I been.
Well I’ll sum up my 2-3 weeks very quickly….

The bad news…..I got a criminal charge, for stealing property & forging signatures (dear God help me get my own signature right first)
The good news… I didn’t get arrested

Maseeha loots the store

Shahnaaz thwarts Maseeha’s robbery

Bad news no 2:…. Apparently some people suspect I’m a Sangoma (Witchdoctor), I really think it’s because of the calomine lotion I apply on my spots.
Good news no 2:….  Turns out I only dance like one!

Maseeha attempts to possess you with her voodoo skills.

Maseeha attempts to possess you with her voodoo skills.

Bad news no 3……. My name is very similar to some sort of African name, so Mashiba Dingaan’s account got slapped onto my name after being overdue on payments & my dad has a mini heart attack while my blood pressure hits the roof

Good news no 3…. He didn’t actually
have a heart attack(phew!). It was a semi fit which he recovered from after realising it wasn’t me & I just spent a few moments of my life contemplating jumping off a building -but I didn’t, and you’re welcome.

Maseeha feels pressured

Maseeha feels pressured

Anyhoooooo I’m here in one piece… and so is Winter. I know we still getting our sunny days & some heat waves, but I feel it’s of vital importance to be one step ahead when it comes to your closet co-ordination, just to make sure you get it right every time!

I ‘d like to start on some tips for shopping!! I’d like to think you’ll have enough time to absorb everything before you head out to the shops. The first range of Winter clothing has already hit the stores. They’ve started off with your basics like thermal wear, pyjamas, lingerie, leggings, long sleeve tops & polo necks. Ladies, these are handy, they can be purchased to your liking (you need no advice on that). Just remember; don’t go too crazy on the colours when it comes to things like leggings and long sleeve tops/polo necks. I find that I normally tend to use my blacks more than any other colour. I also find that the blacks fade a lot faster than the other colours because they’re constantly in and out of the washing. Besides black being a common colour between our Abayabis & Niqabis, you find it is extremely versatile with the traditional winter palette. Only get a colour if you have something you think may work with it. In my case, I just prefer getting 3-4 blacks instead of having hordes of colours I barely use & end up using them to exercise or sleep in.

When you’re on the hunt for your full sleeve tshirts & polo necks, remember to have an idea of the fit you require. Try on one just to check your size. I somewhat think clothes are expanding on the shelves. I think it’s a syndicated trick to make women feel they getting thinner. In 3 years I have dropped from a size 12 to a size 8! And believe me when I say I haven’t grown in 8 years. Once you know your size the tasks gets easier. Also make sure you know what you going to use them for. If you going to use them under jackets or abayas, they shouldn’t be too bulky – & ladies this is important- it makes a very big difference in the way your clothing wears you.

Please don’t rush into purchasing everything at once, it’s a Beeeeeegggg beeeeeeeeggg mistake. My advice: settle only for something completely different. On your first trip to the mall if you don’t get inspired, leave immediately.  I prefer to lookout for the mid range and the last range. You maybe saying “What’s the point Winter is on it’s way out?” Personally, it’s what I wear the beginning of the next winter & trust me it’s always a winner! Fashion makers are the most devious manipulators ever.

Do take interest in the departments you choose your clothing from. I find that if you are between 17-30yrs old, the clothing department for more mature women will not suite your body type (I say this taking into consideration the general body types of women these ages) there are exceptions though. For eg. I fell in love with a polka dot vintage shirt from the department my mom shops in. After I tried it on I realised the cups created for boobs were at my waist. I was sort of looking like Ugly Betty. I’ve seen this a lot actually; many girls get into their mom’s clothes at a young age. It’s not an issue, it just looks like you wearing the wrong size or something is just not right —-much pleonasm just to not sound cruel.

Here are my picks this week…….

3668_569583826398013_1509696440_n 15249_568666616489734_1666898097_n 44852_569582639731465_1907372854_n 164920_570649152958147_1115193284_n 165427_570877112935351_1813933613_n 407131_570238176332578_1558294414_n 420612_572461309443598_1981936855_n 431884_572462326110163_1458192501_n 551277_569290523094010_469476019_n 564744_565975850092144_1137475177_n 525449_569299746426421_1195332293_n 562280_569292723093790_1933389589_n

These are of course ideal if you a hijabi, you can getaway with choosing longer tops or even your all year round mini dresses. For the rest of has we can have fun with them at home but you’re welcome to paint the town red with the rest of the accessories. With abayas, I LOVE co-ordinating handbags & shoes; that does not necessarily mean they have to match. Co-ordinating & matching have different meanings incase you wondering. I think we’ll wrap it up here as there’s quite a bit to digest above

Yours in fashion

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