Ice coffee milkshake!

Ice coffee milkshake!

I do realise that it’s nearly winter and the days and night are getting colder, but this recipe is perfect for those odd hot days we so relish in the winter months. When my Aunty Suraya, more affectionately known as Aunty’Raya sent me this recipe I was surprised by its simplicity. It really is quick and easy, to throw the ingredients together and make an awesome java milkshake that would satisfy your taste buds and impress your guests.



¼ cup of hot milk

1 tsp coffee (I used Nescafe gold)

Vanilla ice cream

Whipped cream * optional

Chocolate sauce * optional




  • Add coffee to ¼ cup of hot milk. (The amount of coffee used can be adjusted to suit your taste.)
  • Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of the hot coffee mixture.
  • Stir or blend mixture until ingredients are well incorporated.
  • Pipe whipped cream on top of your java shake and drizzle with chocolate sauce.(optional)

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