Dreamy Pastels

AssalaamuAlaikum Ladies


I do trust that you’ve managed to wear some clothes over the last week! Well ofcourse you have….I’m definitely not going to get into the details resulting in my disappearing act this time, it just might not end! A few friends of mine didn’t buy the story the last time, they really thought I was making it up. I fear if I continue they may think I’ve totally lost it & that I may be living in a world of fiction with endless stranger than fiction experiences. Besides I have a gazillion ideas to share & I’ve been trying to cook up a strategic plan to help
you absorb everything at once….. but then I was thinking I’ll go easy on you. We’ll do it the old fashion way, just one at a time. (~^,) Take it easy ladies….. deep breath in &……..out. Phooooooooooooo!!!! Here we go!

So I don’t know what’s happening around the rest of the continent, all I can say is I wish I could go into hibernation. The layers of clothing I have been using is a bit ridiculous, especially when the sun is shining and you wearing fur slippers. That should explain I have been feeling the chill bites! I haven’t been out to the stores since the past decade, every opportunity I get, I flip on the electric blanket, get into bed (while it’s still daylight) with a beyond stupendous horror movie. It’s pathetic I know…

Nonetheless I have to admit after doing my research I am very impressed with Winter 2013 colour palette. We all got all excited and fuzzy about the Autumn one but gosh, Winter has evolved in the fashion world. What strikes me the most is the use of pastel co-ordination. Pastels are usually very much associated with spring/autumn, but they have crept onto the Winter palette this year. I have to salute the designers this year for they have opened a completely different doorway for fashion lovers. Pastels are beautiful and absolutely girly, it’s very 60’s therefore it has a vintage lineage.

I managed to gather up some interesting combos, definitely collections I would sport. Many of these clothing are hijab friendly besides the ones on the ramps, I’m including these merely for inspirational purposes. It helps to make you more aware of colour co-ordination & creates a picture of what a collaboration of specific colours would look like. With this type of knowledge you’re able to make your choices more wisely, instead of ending up with a hold bunch of stuff you’ve no clue what to do with. Therefore pay attention to even the things you may not wear.

Winter Palette 2013

Winter Palette 2013


If you prefer something over the hip, you can pair this up with a mini skirt or a longer version of the tunic


You may opt for a longer tunic or a dress. Your options for overcoats or jerseys are endless, the colours are easy to manipulate. You may even getaway with a simple knitted poncho in any pastel colour of your choice.


Sport a stylish trench coat over this – so classy! Break the sanity with a pastel floral hijab – ADORE!


This is a topper for the abayabis, this is usually something I sport along with my abayas, the cami & skinnys work fairly wonders under the abaya, but since we have a chill I prefer a long sleeve tshirt. I wear them fairly fitting, because I don’t dig the excess folds & bulkiness under the abaya, I stressed on this in last week’s post. And of course not forgetting that lovely figure chiseled blazer. It’s a 10/10 for me. My reasons are very straightforward, it’s hot, it’s classy & most of all it’s extremely versatile. I love clothing I can play with & reinvent each time I wear it. The shoes are an absolute winner, you may wear black socks with this so it’s Winter friendly, before you frown, try it out, it’s really cute.


Mature yet funky, the trench coat is certainly versatile & a must! I am a proud owner of one in a very similar colour to the one above…sigh I’ve had it since last winter. That should be enough proof that they hardly ever leave the fashion front.


Super comfy combo! I love this even if it’s just to mooch around the house

249505_10200882348996637_761018842_n Shahnaaz & Maseeha discover pastels, they love it!


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