Pastels Under My Microscope…


AssalaamuAlaikum Ladies

Missed me??
Ahem hardly, I’m sure, I’m obviously the biggest critic on the block…..I get it from my mom’s side.
So where was I? Well I took a short trip to Jhb so I was away, but on my trip I made time to gather up some interesting ideas & latest fashion discoveries.

Had a shower, from one pair of pj’s into another pair- disgraceful I know! I swear I can count the the number of times this happens a year. Lets get down to business while I eat my cake & sip my tea… with smarties too- nieces ahhhhh20130527_165615

You probably wondering why am I doing another post on pastels. There is much more on the fashion front when the topic of the pastels arise. I decided to emphasize a little more on what you will need to work the pastels. I couldn’t help but notice that the most advertised shades of the pastels are the blue & peachy pink. I’d like to think that’s because it works extremely beautifully with natural winter colours such as brown & black. This adds a little edge to your look, which you might’ve notice I absolutely love.



What you need to work these colours in and out of an abaya with your hijab




I adore the fur, would love to own one like this!

Why am I putting the old fashion brown leather jacket on the top of your list?

1) It’s classy

2) It’s timeless

3) Super sexy

4) Will never ever leave the fashion scene

5) Antique

6) Legendary

7) It’s been around longer than you & I, which makes it a temple of wisdom


I think it’s a great idea to work the pastel into your abaya, by substituting your faithful black leggings with a neat pair of pastel jeans or skinny pants. With this look you’ll getaway completely with a gorgeous pair of patent brown boots & leather jacket. You can have fun in the winter sun with the available hijab shades, mix them up or layer them down – have your very own fashion experiment. No one became scientists without experimenting!

Here are some very interesting, statement-making, style accessories! I’m a proud owner of a few… heheheheh


accessorize_fall_winter_2012_collection_9Pastel flower bomb ring


mynt box ringsmynt box freestyle fridayimages (3)images (2)images (1)


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