***Jungle Fever ***

AssalaamuAlaikum Ladies!

Introducing Maimoona’s new butler, Ms. Maseeha


What’s hip & happening? On my side, nothing much besides a load of aches and pains. Therefore I shall be visiting a spa this week! Happy dance time… jigg jigg to the left jigg jigg to the right hop hop hop hop…

I won’t write anymore, because time is so limited let’s get to work! What we have lined up for you this weekend

*******DRUM ROLL**********

Oh dear I need to get some lunch…..oops sorry so as I was saying (random thought)

I’m going to unleash the animal within you with these designs. Animal prints & black are my absolute favourites & it suites my bob haircut hehe! Winter is the perfect background for these pantones. Just because you in Hijab/abaya it doesn’t mean you can’t carry it off. Although I know of many women who are just generally super shy & feel animal prints are too vivacious. But for those of you that are as wicked as I am, let’s have a little jungle time…(so excited jigg jigg)


Try & imagine these coats on abayas, I really think they look so classy & powerful!



We adore!


I own  one like this, it’s just a little different in deco, the one I have has a long strip of black sequince from the shoulder till the end of the dress. I pair this up with black leggings, black bolero or fully fitted thin longsleeved tshirt and a beige/cream trench coat. The neutral trench coat colours helps to sanitize the entire look, I always wear black boots with the look as I feel leopard boots will be a little insane….noooo acutally very insane, you have to find the balance between pairing up your clothing & completely uniforming everthing!


These are one pair of really smoking hot burberry’s!









My brothers have nicknamed me jungle woman, especially when I sport these prints wearing jumpers!

By the way bright red matte lipstick is a winner for this look…




                                                                                             Maseeha is chillin’ to the max this week!
All Rights Reserved Khairnewsletter


Your in fashion

luvies xxxx

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