Wrap It Up

Fashion creates jealousy & jealousy makes you nastehhh

Shahnaaz fails Maseeha’s fashion polygraph test.


AssalaamuAlaikum Ladies

It’s been a while, oh dearie dear where to start. I have some major internet kinks which is absolutely annoying! And the house is being constantly moved around, I mean the furniture…so everything’s in a major mess. My cupboards have been knocked out, all I’m left with is bare wall and a patch of cemented floor. Depressing. I’m currently living out of plastic trunks which believe me is not the best of choices. Nonetheless I shall not bore you to death!

Oh wait one more thing! I won a a set of towels from The Turquoise Scarf, the owner of the blog is Rubina Hassan, check her out ladies!

There’s one thing I truly love about winter scarves, shawls & infinities, there’s no restrictions as to how and with what you can work them. It works for both Hijabis & Abayabis, best of all they can be used when you wearing casual wear at home. I find that they are the most used items in my closet(sorry I mean my plastic trunks).


Purrrrrrrfect over the abaya with your black leathers….

If you bold enough why not work the keffiyah.. I have on many occassions, last winter I got stared down to the bone but don’t worry you’ll get use to it but they never do…..

Infinities may be worn around the neck & chest but also over the head. If you match your colours with precision and make sure you following the rules, you can getaway with it over a hijab & niqab. I have…it turns a few heads but otherwise I think it rocks!
fad38dfe253d57438c25ee673cb4dcd7infinity_scarf_knitting_pat_thumbimages (1)cabbages-and-kings-infinity-scarves-12-537x356

Faux Fur… my first memory of this was when I was a child. I completely detested it. To me it looked like a dead fox thrown around your neck but growth & time has changed me.


Maseeha can’t believe she’s mugging Shahnaaz.


Some beautiful & interesting gloves



I have a pair of these is maroon! Coincidence …….


What’s your take on a winter beanie over a hijab or niqab? I’ve personally never tried it over either… however I really want to. The beanies below are quite loose fitting so I think they’ll be perfect to try over a hijab. I’m going to make my first attempt & see what it looks like then I’ll share it with you & maybe throw in a tutorial- share your thoughts ladies I’d love to know what you think




Wouldn’t mind one of these right now!

Shahnaaz catches Maseeha burgling her house.


Keep calm Stay Warm


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