what’s for eid?

Maseeha loves Yoga in Winter
Assalaamu-Alaikum Ladies
During the fast you should experience the weather a little more harsh than usual, all the more reason to bundle up!

I’m filling this post up with tips on how to keep the skin moist at all times. I’m a true believer in the way we feel affects the way we perform. Sometimes clothing is not the only solution, the skin under all those clothes need attention too.

Quick tips on skin & lips
1.) To keep the body moist for the entire day, just after a shower, before drying yourself off, spread fair amounts of baby oil coating the entire body (head to feet) Then dry yourself off with a towel, this will naturally rub the oil into your skin & at the same time the water will help it to dissolve into your skin really fast therefore not causing too much of oil on the skin. it’s best to avoid the face area (oil isn’t really good for the face skin especially if you have or had acne) For extra moisture you may follow with an aquas cream or any other body lotion
2.)For those of you on medication like roaccutane, oratane or if you just naturally suffer from dry lips opt for a tasteless/non scented lebello lip ice (i think it’s blue/white) by far I think it’s the best, the more you use it, you find the condition get’s easier to treat. Also it’s absolutely fine to use whilst fasting as it’s tasteless/scentless.
3.) For the face, choose something to suite your skin type from the BioDerma range which is available at Dischem (I use the spray on sunscreen only)

And so Ramdhan flew by and we sitting just a week left till Eid here’s Something for your closet
These are some abaya styles I thought were unusual and trendy
Abaya1-e1336043601489 Abaya-Hijab-Long-Sleeves-Ab new-style-abaya1 861_newabaya Abaya_designer_Hanadi_badou_with_Model_at_Oriental_Red_Carpet_Fashion_Show_20100g4g0107sBurjurmanD64sM=A_(57)smaabaya2maabayapinky0019-12711

something western

2013_Christmas_special_dress_201212111932290 2013-Heavy-Beaded-Evening-Dress-Party-Gown-LP036- Beautiful-Champagne-Sleeveless-Hourglass-Court-Train-Evening-Dresses-2013-21877-74643 imagesCA006RUI imagesCAL3NNPN long-lace-evening-gowns-2013-latest-style New-Designed-Fashional-Evening-Dress-2013-XZ649-2013-elegant-one-shoulder-yellow-formal-evening-dress-s711

something eastern


I managed to convince my sister-in-laws and my nieces to don eastern wear this Eid. It’s going to be quite a sight,,,,18 ladies & girls in eastern wear..

thumbs up on this post if you want a sneak peak…..

Enjoy the last few days of this blessed month
wishing you all a Happy Eid
Eid Mubaarak

Introducing the royal baby, princess Maseeha.

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