Henna By Masarrat

Henna By Masarrat

Henna by Masarrat was started by Masarrat Khan seven years ago. Eighteen at the time she did not dream of being given the opportunity to establish herself as a brand.

Now, years later after a degree in Psychology, a stint as a PRO and maintaining a day job as a Junior Manager, she is finally getting the chance to stand out.

Her passion for Henna stems from her love for art, inculcated in her by her late grandfather who motivated and guided her as a young artist.

“Art is an extension of the beauty that surrounds us every day. What better way to bring that beauty and expression together in a different platform, than through henna?”

Masarrat has made it a goal to make sure that each Bride’s mehndi is different. Going through the pictures on her blog, you can see that, she does so very well. With designs that are new, different and unique she is making waves in the industry and has gained the attention of the media as well.

SABC recently filmed her in action at home. After head hunting her and asking her to do the shoot, Masarrat put together a beautiful set and brought new appreciation to the art of Henna.

Apart from the traditional ways of applying Henna, she has taken it to new heights by putting it onto canvas and ceramics such as cup and saucer sets, platters and vases.

“The canvas is a way for the client to always keep their henna. It can be done using henna paste or paints. And the ceramics make beautiful statement pieces or gifts. The platters make unique kooncha trays and they can be made to match the mehndi theme.”

The ceramics can also be fired in a kiln so they are safe to eat off. These are hand painted and are custom made.

She also paints Ostrich Eggs using Arabic Calligraphy.

Masarrat is based in the Durban area and travels out to her clients.
You can find her @
http:hennabymasarrat.wordpress.com or
Tel: 078 497 0545

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