Where Do Babies Come From?!

Cover 2 A5

Have you met Bin & Binte?

They are the loving siblings who’ve come to take your children on a very exciting journey – the journey of learning. Bin loves being big brother to little Binte as he shows her around their world and teaches her everything he knows from where babies come from (don’t stress, it’s the Islamic version) to big words like magnetics and insomnia! Bin sure does know a lot! But according to Bin its his Ummi that knows everything.

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The first in the series, Where Do Babies Come From is a book based on the Islamic principle of tawheed and having full conviction in Allah alone.

With breath-taking pictures that will keep your children glued to each page, this series will soon reserve it’s permanent spot on your child’s bookshelf (and their hearts, too!)

Are you trying to find children’s books that will teach valuable life lessons without the pressure of tiresome learning? In today’s fast paced culture, children are required to join in the rat race. The Bin & Binte book series aims to slow things down a bit, in an enjoyable way. There are no questions and answers at the end, just plain old story time with mum and dad.

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