Diary Of A Sustainability Newbie: I want…


If you know anything about sustainability, the first rule of thumb is do you want it or do you need it? We all know the difference between needs and wants. I’m sure you remember your parents asking you if the Levi’s you needed  for civvies day was actually a need, or just a want.

In case that never happened to you (Spoilt brat alert! Takes one to know one. Regrettably, I was one most of my growing years) the correct definition is: A need is something you have to have, something you can’t do without. A want is something you would like to have but can do without (a 4th pair of Levi’s just because it’s a lighter blue – probably to go with your pastels).

The problem with wanting is that the more we want, the more they make, the more money they make, the more they entice you to want more. The landfills grow (because your want was satisfied and you no longer require it so you chuck it), the forests make way for manufacturing plants (because there’s a new want around that you just have to have!). It’s a vicious cycle. But I’m not here to tell you things you already know. I’m here to send out my list of wants… It’s quite a long one, even for a sustainability newbie such as myself.

I want!

I want to walk freely, to not be afraid that someone is going to try and grab my bag because he needs my money.

I want people to stop obsessing over money.

I want to prove through the example of my own life that you don’t need a heck of a lot money to live a prosperous and fulfilled life, as is the assumption.

I want to prove the ridiculousness of having millions in a bank account.

I want to eat healthy food that actually contains nutrients that are beneficial to my body. Not something that’s been stored for months before it gets to me.

I want the veggies I try to grow at home… to actually grow!

I want a greenhouse that’s filled with fruit trees that are all five years old and bearing fruit!

I want to have green fingers. Please, Lord! Can I have green fingers?

I want my kids to know the value of the life I’m building.

I want them to see the bigger picture.

I want to be self-sufficient and but also always have enough to give to others.

I want to teach my kids that giving is more important than receiving.

I want my kids to have the skills and knowledge that I never had.

I want to live in a house which is plastic and toxin free, not one that’s secretly trying to kill me.

I want a home full of plants so that I am always close to nature – and so that the air I breathe is naturally purified.

I want to be surrounded by prettiness. Yes, I really do.

I want this for every person on this planet! I want us all to find inner peace, to stop trying to make money and start trying to make a life. I want us all to see the bigger picture.

This is all that I want.


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