Why I make Roti (almost) every day

Yes, I do. I make fresh roti daily, sometimes twice a day! I don’t particularly love making it, and I’ve avoided it until now because I didn’t want it to become a daily chore that I dreaded.

So why on earth do I make it so often??

There are 2 main reasons… and a few others.

1) I know that it’s much healthier than shop bought bread. I know exactly what is going into it (not much!). And I feel that it’s much healthier than rice.

I never get full on rice and tend to overeat on a rice dish. As for bread, if we’re eating it with a meal we can -between the 4 of us- eat over half a loaf in one sitting! (I find that a little unacceptable since shop-bought bread contains so many chemicals and preservatives.)

2) Roti is much easier to make compared to making your own breads and also goes well with beans and lentils which are our staple diet.


For a stay-at-home mother I know how tough it can be to take time out of your day to make homemade roti. Here’s how I keep the kids occupied while you get busy…


Break off a few pieces of dough.
Colour them.
Turn them into play dough.

Note: don’t fry them like I did unless you’re using good quality food colouring which won’t cause irritation to the throat and bowels.

I used to be very stingy with my roti dough (because I dreaded making them) but I’ve come to realise that for my family of 4 just 2 cups of flour can make enough roti for a meal AND some extra… And play dough!

Roti takes time to make… But it’s so satisfying that it makes it worth all the trouble.

If you don’t have the time to make it, I would suggest buying your “stash” from a reliable home industry – and not from any shop that sells tons of it daily. Make sure you’re getting the kind that has the fewest ingredients – and no preservatives.

If you use unbleached, stone ground flour, Himalayan salts and a mixture of coconut oil and ghee to brush them you can be sure you’re turning any meal into a healthy one. Use gluten free flour if your body can’t tolerate gluten.

I strongly believe that roti is exceptional food. Whether you’re eating it with your dinner or you’re snacking on it like you would a pancake (with a sprinkling of sugar – what every Indian kid’s childhood memories are made of), it’s always so satisfying.

Most of the world’s civilisations ate something very similar to roti – a simple flat bread that was a staple part of their diet. With the move to breads that were mass produced for entire populations in recent years and the increase in stomach ailments and gluten intolerance, I strongly feel that there is a link. I believe that chemical additives and the bleaching (yes, bleaching!!) of flour are the reason for the common sicknesses we experience today: fatigue, bloating, IBS, Celiac, allergies, and so many more!

My solution: eat less -don’t fill your belly every time you eat (in my experience, this is much easier to do with roti compared with bread), and eat foods that are local, organically produced, and homemade.

And that’s why I started making roti as often as I do.

One thought on “Why I make Roti (almost) every day

  1. hajadt says:

    Love your post!! Absolutely agree with you, not to mention how much my family loves roti… A combination of organic pure rye and brown flour makes for a divine variation too. Its been found that there is a link between gluten intolerance as well other digestive ailments, and the chemical pesticides and the round up sprayed on crops ( wheat/corn/and many others) to force them to ripen on time together.

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