Time For Change

I’ve always been interested in living a sustainable lifestyle but if I’m going to be completely honest with myself, living a life closer to nature, (especially with regards to eating whole, healthy foods) in South Africa is not only unaffordable for your average middle class citizen, it’s sometimes impossible!

We all know the famous saying of “You are what you eat” and there is much truth in this, so I decided to take control of my eating habits and set them straight.

So… I set myself a budget.

I decided we were not going to feel like we were missing out on anything, just eat healthier alternatives which were considered good for our bodies – because it’s not so easy convincing a 5 year old foodie to eat celery instead of cake!

I also don’t have a vehicle to use during the week, so I decided I’d get all these fresh, healthy foods delivered to my door – because I was trying to make healthy eating easier and less stressful, I thought it best to have foods available to me whenever I needed them.

Hubby was on board (big achievement!) and I started placing my orders.  I closed my eyes to avoid my frugal instincts kicking in.  (Just in case you don’t know, it’s bloody expensive trying to eat foods that are free of chemicals and free radicals!)



I’ve read a lot about healthy living and healthy eating over the years because well, I just don’t feel very healthy. I’m always tired, I get frequent severe stomach and body aches and I probably have pre-diabetes even though I’m severely underweight considering that one time my vision went blurry for 20 minutes are a time.

I also hate going to doctors because I hate that feeling of being objectified – not to mention they charge you an arm and a leg to tell you something you already knew. I love the idea of eating the right foods to maintain good health, but it helps to actually eat healthily to get to that level.

But anyway, enough with my rant. Here’s my budget. Here’s how week 1 went…

Weekly Orders:
Eat Your Home : Veggie pack fresh from the farm, 2 litres raw organic farm milk, 1 dozen organic farm eggs delivered to my door – R252, delivered to my door. http://www.eatyourhome.co.za


Earth Products –


I ordered free-range chickens from
Randerees Chickens – R290.

I bought groceries that I could not get via any of the above mentioned stores at my locals supermarkets -+-R300

I ordered 500g mince and 500g steak from my local butcher – R70

David from Eat Your Home was very professional in his business practices and I really admire the effort he puts into his business.



He doesn’t have a store, instead he has a Caddy he uses to fetch and drop off goods. He has a table at The Morning Trade every Sunday morning in Durban where you can find a variety of fresh produce. All in all,  I was very thrilled with the produce I received from him.


I’m still to receive my Earth Products order which was meant to take 4 days to arrive. Unfortunately, I assumed they would be delivered to my door but I must have missed the very “fine” fine print. I also had to contact them several times to find out about my order. Because of this I have developed a negative opinion of them. Their service has been very unprofessional, which extremely unfortunate.

Randerees said they would deliver on a certain day and they did. They had my number wrong but I communicated that to the lady via Whatsapp and things were sorted out quite quickly. I was very happy with the quality of the chickens and I will definitely order from them again. They take orders in on a Monday and deliver on a Wednesday which is convenient for me.

I think that I had to experience this week first hand and do this in order to know what I do now.

If you’re stressed out about spending so much money on foods that you do not enjoy, (and experiences that cause you to age  by merely trying to find goods which you’ve already paid for!) how can you expect to become healthier from this experience?

I’ve had to come to the conclusion that this is not the answer. Yes, Healthy Foods Betty herself is questioning the idea of eating a stressful diet. Life is not about food! Yes, we love it but how can it so vigorously take over every other aspect of our lives? How will you enjoy life if you’re spending all of your money on food?

Something seems off. Wrong. Unacceptable to me.

Is it just me? Please let me know your thoughts. Drop us a comment below. How are you being frugal and healthy at the same time?

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