How To Regrow Herbs

I don’t know about you, but I always get excited when I am able to grow food! It’s quite rare that things actually grow for me, especially when I’m trying to grow it from a seed.

Growing from seeds is tough. Temperatures, soil acidity, enough water are all factors that make growing difficult for me in particular.

So I’ve been looking into regrowing food that already have their roots grown in. And… Whoop whoop! Success!


Here’s what I did:

1 – I bought a bunch of herbs that had it’s roots still connected (I bought coriander because I use it often in a lot of dishes). I picked off the leaves, and left the stems and roots together. I placed the leaves into a container and covered them with 2 paper napkins absorbing all the moisture that would generally cause it to rot. I placed a paper napkin underneath as well, just in case.



I covers this and placed a seal-tight lid over. This should last about two weeks, if not longer.

2 – Now it’s time to reproduce and grow an endless supply of goodness, giving me so much value from the purchase of just 1 bunch of coriander… for when my “tupperware” stash is used up.

For this you will need:

A 2 litre cooldrink bottle cut in half
Plant with roots



3 – Make sure the roots just touch the water. Note: Don’t let the entire plant sit in the water because it will rot.


👆See the roots?


4 – Do some research and give it the amount of sunshine it needs.  Coriander can grow in shady areas, which is great news for me. So I placed it in my kitchen under my daylight strength lights that go on in the evenings while I’m cooking  and getting supper ready.


5 – Now all the hard work is done. Sit back and watch the magic happen…


It’s growing!!!!


In just one  day I had new coriander leaves sprouting from my homemade hydroponic planter!  … And I did some recycling, too!  (I apologize for the quality of my pictures, and I do hope you can see what I do!)

Why don’t you try this at home and let me know what you grew and how yours turned out. 😋

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