Lifelong Learning

Prophet Muhammed: “Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.”

What a beautiful gift our beloved prophet gave us when he said that we should never stop seeking knowledge. Yet, we still find this difficult to do. We tend to think of learning as something we do up until a certain age and then feel that we are physically unable to manage absorbing and retaining any more information.

We tell ourselves that we can’t. Sometimes we tell ourselves that it is impossible.We fail to see that this hadith (prophetic saying) was not just a suggestion (He, SAW, didn’t say “if you would like to”), it was a command. We have to continuously seek knowledge throughout our lives because our beloved prophet SAW has told us to. It is a part of his sunnah.

We need to remove the notion from our minds that seeking and gaining knowledge is a very difficult task, because it isn’t! Asserting yourself in the quest for lifelong learning makes you a role model for your children. You are teaching them that learning is not about attaining a university degree and then sitting back and feeling accomplished. It teaches them that learning doesn’t end and that you can never know everything.

Never knowing everything means, you cannot develop pride and arrogance in your field – how could you if you still have so much to learn?

And this is why you should continuously strive to gain knowledge all of the time in everything that you do.

I’m going to list below some sites that offer you the chance to increase your knowledge in any field that interests you and – the best part – in the comfort of your home! Online short courses are the ‘in-thing’ at the moment and I’m so glad they are. They have benefitted me so much!

Here are my top 6 sites for gaining knowledge in a variety of fields:

  1. My number one site for gaining knowledge online has to be SHAW ACADEMY. This is where I started and this is the institution that gave me the confidence to continue on my journey with them as well as with others in my quest for lifelong learning.
  2. UDEMY is my second favourite site for learning a broad spectrum of subjects. I haven’t paid for a course yet but their paid courses are great as well and come with certification.
  3. This year I’m focusing on improving my religious knowledge with ZAINAB ACADEMY. There are many websites on the internet where you can learn deeny subjects. I like the setup of Zainab Academy and that they provide an aalimah (female Islamic teacher) course which what I would like to accomplish.
  4. If you’re looking for a course of a higher standard you might want to look at COURSERA – a collection of university courses from the likes of Yale and Stanford.
  5. Open2Study is an amazing platform that offers free short courses and accredited courses from open university, Australia. It allows you to find a short course that interests you and then pursue these interests further by obtaining a degree in the same field.
  6. Craftsy! I saved the best for last! I love doing craftsy courses, they are just so much fun! They’re not free but I can say that the courses I have done have been worth the cost involved. If you’re unsure about doing an online course, start with a Craftsy course! You won’t be disappointed.

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