Easy Play Dough Recipe

Seeing as the latest craze is 3 ingredient recipes here’s one for your kids to enjoy.

This 3 ingredient ‘dough’ isn’t really a dough as such but it’s still loads of fun to play with (and to make!).

Imagine the feeling of wet beach sand in between your fingers… Not wet enough to fall through the gaps But wet enough to mould into a ball.


I used 2 huge Tupperware squares to contain the mess and then let them pour the ingredients in and mix it together themselves.


Here’s how you make it. Mix together:

1 cup of baking soda

3 tbls water

3 tbls gel/food colouring

We used food colouring and it stained our hands so its preferable to use gel colouring. If you don’t mind coloured hands…

Easy play d

Like us…


Then by all means use food colouring.

Asma decided to colour hers purple so we mixed blue and red colouring. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out the pretty purple she had hoped.

Because we used food colouring we were able to get in some soapy water play afterwards. Which added time to the activity.

Overall time spent on this activity: 2hours 😁 happy kids, and a little chill-out breakfast time for mum – the perfect start to the day.


The best part is I’ve stored the activity in the fridge for us to use on another day when mummy needs some time for her coffee break.

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