I've always been interested in living a sustainable lifestyle but if I'm going to be completely honest with myself, living a life closer to nature, (especially with regards to eating whole, healthy foods) in South Africa is not only unaffordable for your average middle class citizen, it's sometimes impossible! We all know the famous saying … Continue reading

The Winter Collection

Very soon you will be able to order our full range of products via our online store, but for now send your order through to khaironlinestore@gmail.com. All clothing items are made under strict FAIR TRADE regulations. Workers are treated well and are allowed to fulfill other obligations during their working hours. All items of clothing are … Continue reading The Winter Collection

Quote Of The Day

          We're recently been exposed to the field of Design at Khair, and we'll be using this platform to show you what we're capable of! Find your daily dose of inspiration on the Khair blog.