Get Organised

Getting organised is tough – and by far the biggest step towards giving yourself the life that you want. Not just the biggest step, it should also be the first step you take on your journey of change.

Getting organised means that you are giving priority to your new life, you are deriving meaning from your home,  and you are literally clearing up, not just your home but also your thoughts and your mind.

You want the best from life? It starts with cleaning out your drawers and improving the flow of your day to day activities (and the activities of those who share it with you) in your home.

Before I begin the organisation journey with you, I have to stress 2 very important points:

1 – a habit takes from 3 weeks to a month to become a permanent part of your life. Forming habits is hard work and takes dedication and goal setting. Should you wish to form a long lasting habit, you have to continue to do the same thing over and over for at least 21 days – give or take a month in case you aren’t doing your tasks daily.

2 – For this reason it’s best to take on one or two new habits to form every month. Improve yourself slowly. Your future self will thank you ;)

So let’s get started on our journey of  home organisation!

Here’s my 7 tips for getting your home organised and getting your life in order!

1 – A place for everything, and everything in its place.

This is easier said then done! If you’re like me, stuff it in a drawer until the guests are gone. Am I right?

No! We all know it’s far more difficult to clean out drawers full of papers, bits and bobs, anything and everything, and most often things that have no designated home.

So here’s what me and you are doing about it: we’re cleaning up once and for all (well, for the next 6 months at least!). Everything needs a place and is going to get one.

That means no more dreading the thought of opening a drawer, not being able to find what you are looking for, and most importantly no time wasted on spring cleaning every other day!

Here’s some tips and ideas on how to make a place for everything.

2 – Workstations, baskets, trays and draws.

Finding a place for everything means utilising small baskets, see-through bags, trays, and holders within a drawer. If you’re a paper-stasher give papers their own space in your home, even the ones you still need to sort out! File ’em!

Before you go out and buy any baskets or trays, remember you probably have some lying around. Re-purpose cardboard boxes with fabric or wrapping paper you have lying around. For instructions,  check out this blog post.

3 – Labels!

Labels are so important (!) especially if you’re still building the habit of being organised. Get accustomed to putting things in their places by having clear labels in your storage spaces.

Labels don’t have to be expensive. You don’t need to go out and buy an expensive electronic labeller. A simple written label is good enough (and can be very pretty!)  Here’s some examples of labels I use around the house.

Resist the urge to make them smaller, think big and bold for this part.

4 – Write things down!

Do you find that your mind is swamped with ideas, things to do, things the kids need to do, things the husband asked you to do, and things you just really need to remember?

My number 1 tip for organizing your home is to organise your thoughts. It makes sense that if you have too much on your mind you won’t know where to start.

Before you can start to organise your thoughts, you need to know yourself. I have tried to use a diary my entire life, and it just never worked out for me. I still love buying pretty notebooks and pens (which 80’s kid doesn’t!). I used to think I was just terrible at being organised but the truth is that some techniques work for some people and others for or people. I had to accept that I’m not a diary kind of gal. Once I did that, I was able to organise my mind and do some incredible things.

Here’s what you need to do:

Brain dump daily – or a few times a day! Read about brain dumping here. My most effective method of brain dumping is by utilising the app Evernote. This way I can whip out my phone and get it done with in a matter of seconds. You’ll feel so much better after brain dumping, and you’ll be so much more productive!

Organise your week – find the best day to organise your week and do that. Plan your menus, activities, and get your shopping list ready. This way, you reduce your shopping days to once or twice a week and you have everything you need. (best to do this when the grocery store specials are delivered to your door.)

Use your calendar – (I use Google Calendar). Add your weekly activities and sync things like dentist appointments, etc with the husbands account. Put a weekly calendar up so the kids can get involved and eagerly anticipate the upcoming week.

5 – Hotspots

If you simply must have clutter hotspots (because, children.), de-clutter them daily. If you leave a hot-spot unattended for longer than a day chances are you will not get around to clearing it the next day. A week later your hot-spot is 1 week big – and colicky! Don’t let that negative vibe build up, after all, you have a place for everything now.

6 – Create organisational habits.

Wake up the same time every day. Cook at the same time every day (it takes a lot of patience but I do this part with the kids). Clear for 10-20 minutes nightly, and put your cooking prep out the night before, too. Habits like these will make your life muuuuuch easier! See here for my daily routine to get myself organised. See here for my free motivational downloads.

7 – Last but not least, don’t feel overwhelmed.

Start with something easy. Do this one thing: clean your kitchen sink!

– and you will feel motivated to do (a little) more every day.  Don’t burn out on the first day. In order to keep moving forward, you need to do what you are comfortable with and only what you are capable of,  no more. Where should you begin? Start here!